MaS Fashion Agency was founded in 2009. The main activity is representation and mediation of brands. The agency represents textile brands in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro.
                The basic motto of the company: we are here for you and for your sake! We focus all our energy on our customers, which enables us to easily cooperate with our German business partners. In the markets, we act on behalf of our principals, which is, above all, simpler communication and business for our customers                 
                The collections are presented in the showroom in Trzin, where in a pleasant environment it is possible to finish in terms tailored to individual customers. We are aware that every customer has their own needs, desires and also their own circle of end consumers. We are trying to adapt to this as much as possible.
                Business, speed, reliability and professionalism - these are the virtues that distinguish us. We believe that without these virtues, a company cannot do business or be credible to its partners. We answer every call, every customer is the most important to us

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